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1.  I'm interested.

Contact me to talk about the possibilities.


I will ask:

  • Do you have any visualisation ideas already?

  • What would you need illustrations for?

  • What should your illustrations do?

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2. How much would it cost?

My hourly rate is 95 euro excl. VAT. In addition, you pay for a user license.

A simple drawing can be done in a few hours. A more detailed illustration, or one that requires more thinking, can take 10 hours or more.


Once we reach an understanding about your wishes, I will make a quotation.

3. What happens next?

Once you accept my quotation, we get to work.


I will ask a lot of questions in the first stage. Until I properly understand your concept(s).

In subsequent calls or meetings you provide feedback on the evolving illustration/cartoon.

4. What if I don't like it?

My quotation will outline three phases with specified costs (=working hours).


During each phase you have the opportunity to provide input, feedback, and request certain changes.

If for whatever reason you don't want to continue, I will only bill you for the completed phases and the hours spent in the incomplete phase.

And when it's all done...

...I will send you an invoice.

Once payment is made,

the illustration is officially yours for the use(s) specified on the invoice.

Thank you for choosing me!

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