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Client experiences

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"David illustrated our publication for practitioners, entitled “Boundary Spanners in Action. Action repertoires for professionals in cross-domain urban issues (2023)” [translated from Dutch]. I was looking for illustrations that do justice to the complexity of cross-domain work practices. What is great about David is that as an organization scientist, he understands the content; partly as a result his illustrations have depth. They really hit home. This became apparent when those who participated in the research, saw his illustrations during the closing meeting on September 28, 2023. The participants were eager to bring the illustrations back to their organizations, because they were so striking.

Not only the ultimate result of his work exceeded my expectations; the process of cooperating with David was pleasantly professional as well. David continues to ask questions, until he has a good picture. Then he comes up with sketches, from which you can choose. This kept some space in the process and allowed the illustrations to gradually evolve in a way that does justice to the complex situations they visualize. So if you are looking for illustrations that really hit home, that visualize complex concepts, or where situations are contentious, I would say: approach David."



Dr. Gertjan de Groot, 

Amsterdam University of

Applied Sciences

     Sketches after our first meeting     




       Client               feedback

"David made the illustrations for a PowerPoint presentation I gave during an interview that determined whether I would receive a Consolidator Grant of the European Research Council for my research on gossip. I wanted a presentation that would look a bit different than others, such that it would "stand out". Yet, of course, I also wanted to tell a clear story.


David made beautiful illustrations. We discussed my research and based on our conversation, he drew illustrations that perfectly conveyed the story I wanted to tell. I very much liked the way in which we collaborated on the presentation and David was very responsive to my suggestions.


The presentation went very well and... I received the grant! David's creativity definitely helped a lot and I warmly recommend seeking his assistance in case you need custom-made illustrations to convey a research project in a presentation, report, or book."


Prof. Dr. Bianca Beersma,

VU University Amsterdam

      GOSSIP research -

     visualisation process     

gossip schets.png

First sketch of the core concept: gossip.

For this project I drew a set of icons that had to represent Bianca's research proposal.

They illustrated aspects of her theoretical model, methods and possible outcomes.

Bianca liked this sketch, and requested I develop a more sylized version.

Here is the result.

I drew all the icons needed to tell Bianca's story in this style. A visual language emerged that fit the specific needs of this project.

"It was quite pleasant to investigate with David what I wanted to convey with my book. Subsequently, he was able to work autonomously. And then we could reflect on the result together. I'm proud of the result!"

Hans Passenier

Consultant at IMO Netherlands

Eerste exemplaren ontvangst 2023-10-27 at 11.18.02.jpeg
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