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About me

I am David, an artist as well as an organization scientist.

Science comes with many formal qualifications.

I completed a BSc. in organizational anthropology and a Master's degree in Social Research. I worked as researcher and lecturer. I studied and taught various literatures and methods. Developed courses, lectured students. Conducted research. Analysed data. Wrote endless draft versions. Failed. Published studies in scientific journals. Explored collaborations across disciplines. Collaborated on grant proposals. Supervised master thesis projects. Obtained a Doctorate in Organization Sciences.

Meanwhile, I was always drawing. No formal artistic training, no degrees. Some exercise, though. Gradually I began drawing cartoons to vent my feelings about academic life and politics. I just pinned these cartoons on the coffee machine at university. One day, a professor asked me to put my creative skills to good use for her project. I loved doing this so much that I eventually decided to focus wholly on illustrating.

I now combine my skills to create illustrations. I do so from an in-depth understanding of clients' experience and expertise. Once we sit together, I work with you to convey your findings, theories, methods or ideas - fuelled by both of our senses of humour, which we'll discover along the way.

I found that such illustrations can communicate the actual content of your work, where text and numbers may come up short. Art can convey (gut) feelings, emotions, embodied experience and a sense of real world complexity. These tend to be the most powerful part of a story. But they don't always come across well in academic discourse.

So doing I've illustrated books, research reports, articles, presentations and grant applications.
Interested? Send me a message or Email.

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