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Want a portrait of a loved one?


Give someone a cartoon of themselves?

A drawing of their favourite animal?​

Contact me with your wish and, if you have any, your ideas.


I will draft a concept sketch and price for this work.

Once we agree, you pay me half. I complete the art and I send it to you. Then you pay me the other half.

Otis ingelijst.jpeg
mick hard gewerkt.JPG

Price examples & indications for commissioned art:

  • A3-sized portrait/cartoon, in ink and/or oil colour pastels:

650 euro incl. VAT.

  • A4-sized black ink cartoon/portrait:

400 euro incl. VAT.

  • A5-sized black ink cartoon of something personal:

300 euro incl. VAT.​

  • Digital image or reproduction of artwork/cartoon:

150 euro incl. VAT.

Leeuwtje cropped_edited.jpg
Tobias tijgertje cropped_edited.jpg
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