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Illustrating complex concepts

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As an expert in your field, you are likely dealing with complex, abstract subject matter. You may be used to communicate with your in-group of expert peers via text, models and numbers.

Sometimes however you need to convey a complex result or abstract idea to a more diverse, less patient, or overburdened audience. Whether you present a research proposal, summarise findings in a report, or write a book: A conceptual illustration is what you need.

A conceptual illustration, like a cartoon, contains a narrative. Something is happening. There is some kind of punchline. It grips the attention. It makes abstract ideas and complex research tangible, stand out, and stick.

To develop such a visual narrative, we sit down to talk. Ideally, the process of illustrating turns into a collaboration between you and me. You may have a bunch of ideas for images and text. If you do, I may elaborate on them. If you don't, I will come up with some ideas by myself. You receive a couple of sketches from which you can pick and choose.


In the subsequent back and forth I respond to your feedback and input within the bandwidth of my drawing style, which is responsive to your situation and wishes. Typically this process includes at least three calls or meetings.

Clients have experienced creating illustrations with me as some of the most fun parts of their writing, publication or presentation process. 

The joint creative process may also help to think about and sharpen the message you are forging.

If this sounds interesting, contact me to discuss your ideas.


Costs vary since each project is tailored to your specific needs. My standard hourly price is 80 euro (excl. VAT). In addition you pay for the rights of use of the image. This is an added percentage (for example 20%) over the total price.


Some fictive examples to get an idea:


  • One illustration, for example of a theoretical model: 600 euro (excl. VAT).

  • Two illustrations: 1000 euro (excl. VAT).

  • A set of ten icons to illustrate research on a (powerpoint or other) presentation: 1500 euro (excl. VAT). 

  • Ten book illustrations: 6000 euro (excl. VAT).

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